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Jul 31, 2012 3:00pm PDT
primary in texas today. extreme takeover of the gop is real. and there's a serious cost to the american people. joining me now is victoria, fellow and university of texas and our nbc latino contributor. wayne slater, senior political reporter for the "dallas morning news." thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> now, wayne, are you surprised to hear this kind of criticism coming from within the gop? >> no, i'm not surprised. you look at what the tea party method, its approach, actual banner of the tea party as it begins to form in 2009. and manifested itself in 2010. no compromise, no retreat. and what's happening now is the chickens have come home to roost. and the republican party less and less is a place for moderate republicans. so what you see is a squeeze and divide within the republican party, we see it here in texas with the ted cruz race. we have seen it elsewhere where the idea of compromise is out the window and the whole thing is about my side, my way, my highway, or no way. >> well, let me ask you victoria. when you look at the fact that several republicans have come out an
Jul 11, 2012 3:00pm PDT
-- the audience here was texas, donors, independent voters. it was not about the people in the room. think about what george bush did when he was a candidate in 2000. talk about the soft bigotry of expectations and no child left behind. even if you disagree, he tried to come with something. john mccain when he went last cycle, he acknowledged the history of having the first african-american candidate. romney didn't any of those kinds of things. he attacked -- called him my opponent a couple times in addition to going after obama care. the other thing i find hypocritical. he was perfectly happy to invoke his father who does have an impressive record when it comes to an issue like this, but he runs away from his father's record when it comes to transparency and releasing his tax records. major hypocrisy. >> he also seems to run away from his father in terms of his father showing courage in terms of marching with civil rights and standing up for civil rights issues, i believe his mother met dr. king. you have to ask yourself is mitt romney showing the same kind of outreach and the same kind of risk
Jul 12, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, texas, where maybe he should have stopped off and met with the janitors that clean 90 bathrooms in a five-hour period and only get paid $8 and some cents an hour. and jpmorgan only wants to give them 50 cents extra hour over a ten-year period. that's who he's talking about. then, of course, if we bring this up on our side, it's class warfare. but what they forget, reverend sharpton, is that many people's social security, medicaid, medicare, many of these programs, we've paid taxes. we've paid into these programs and gee, how about wall street and the free money they got at the end of the bush administration? >> well, let me go to you then. because i think progress crunched the numbers and found it would raise taxes for more than 2 million working families. after giving a $250,000 tax cuts to millionaires. we're talking about giveaways, we're going to give to the rich and take from the poor then accuse the poor on top of that of wanting free stuff and giveaways. >> i mean, i just want to agree with joe madison about this. i think the question is who does this government work for?
Jul 5, 2012 3:00pm PDT
mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. >>> welcome back to "politicsnation." the right wing is working itself into a frenzy over mitt romney's health care flip-flop and his bumbling campaign. yesterday romney finally got on the same page as the rest of the republican party. claiming the health care mandate is, in fact, a tax. >> the supreme court has the final word, right? they said it's a tax, didn't they? so it's a tax, of course. >> that's 180 degree turn from what his spokesman told msnbc just on monday. >> so he agrees with the president -- but he agrees with the president that it is not, and he believes you shouldn't call the tax penalty a tax, you should call it a penalty or a fee or a fine? >> that's correct. >> the back track isn't silencing romney's right wing critics.
Jul 10, 2012 3:00pm PDT
't apologize for that ugly talk. on the state level, there's extremism and it knows no bounds. texas governor rick perry announced he wouldn't implement the law and said this about medicaid. >> the bottom line here is that medicaid is a failed program. to expand this program is not unlike adding a thousand people to the titanic. >> the titanic? really? the president didn't see it that way today in iowa. neither did the fired up crowd. >> i'm running because i believe that nobody in america should go broke just because they get sick. our health care law was the right thing to do. it was the right thing to do. >> well, republicans, you really think you can repeal a health care law that's working? good luck with that. join me now is congressman keith ellerson, democrat from minnesota. co-chairman of the progressive caucus. wes moore, retired captain in the u.s. army and best-selling author of "the other wes moore." thank you, both, for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you, reverend. >> congressman, let me start with you. i mean, did i miss something? what happened to the republican trying to g
Jul 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
voter i.d. but then i remember days like this 48 years ago. a southern president from texas signed a civil rights act that makes me know good can come if we don't surrender to bad. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >>> when is a tax not a tax? let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm michael smerconish. what we have here is a failure to communicate. from the moment the supreme court upheld the mandate, republicans say see, president obama raised taxes. but today mitt romney's chief spokesman told our chuck todd, no the mandate is not a tax after all. why would eric fernstrom say that? that means romney raised taxes with his health care plan in massachusetts. this is why rick santorum said romney would be the worst republican to carry the anti-health care reform message into the fall. also we're hearing that chf justice roberts initially planned to strike down the mandate but switched his vote. a look at the inner workers of the supreme court. >>> plus count o
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)